Pump Warranty

We warrant our pumps against material and workmanship defects under normal use and service
of which its products were designed.  This warranty is for a period of one year from date of
shipment from our plant.

-  Given the Purchaser provides the Factory with written notice within the warranty
period of such defects and such claims are substantiated by the Seller upon their
authorized prepaid return to the Factory.
-  The correction of defects in Material and/or Workmanship shall constitute a fulfillment
of this Warranty and shall be returned to the user prepaid and credit issued for the
incoming transportation.
-  The failure of Pumping components due to normal or abnormal wear in operation or by
operating conditions beyond the Factory’s knowledge or control shall not be considered
as evidence of defective material, unless the Factory’s examination of these parts
discloses such a defect.

Except for the above Warranty the Factory makes no warranty, expressed or implied and no
warranty of suitability for a particular use and operation when they have no detail knowledge of
all the data prior to purchase surrounding the application of the pump.

The Warranty does not cover any expenses incurred by repairs or alterations made outside of the
Factory, nor does it cover in any way the performance of equipment which has been revised or
altered by others.

It is essential that Continental Pump Co. be provided all Application Data requested for
return/Warranty qualification.  Information that will be requested is:

       *Serial Number
       *Pump Series
       *Type of Application
       *Liquid Pumped
       *Pumping Temperature
       *Viscosity Specific Gravity
       * Corrosive Content
       * Abrasive Content
       * Service Cycle
       * Pipe Sizes- Valves- Controls
       * Pump Drive
       * Suction Line
       * Discharge Line


The Customer is fully responsible for the selection of the product for his particular application and for the
operating condition in which do not exceed the Factory’s said product limitations.  Any recommendations
offered by Distributors, or Dealers and their representatives are to be considered as their best judgment and as
matters of opinion without liability to the Factory. Under no circumstances shall the Continental Pump Co. be
liable for damages to good will, loss of profits or for any type of consequential damage.

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