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Vertical CPM Pinned 3 Phase Pumps

Vertical CPM Pinned 3 Phase Pumps


The CPM Model is similar to the CP, except it is a closed coupled type pump that is driven by a Continental spec. motor that is directly bolted to the pump.

The CPM Model has a mechanical seal for its sealing option, pinned connections and a 3 phase spec motor. This model is also constructed with vertical suction housing to help save on space.

We offer an internal epoxy coating on the suction and discharge castings at an additional charge. The epoxy seals the cast iron from the material being pumped. Contact us for more details.

If you are looking for a stainless steel pump please visit the CPML pump page. 


Need a complete pump on an inline base, a v-belt base or as a hydraulic unit?  Contact us.

Continental CP Pumps are ideal for many kinds of cleaning, transferring, circulating, metering, filling, sprinkling, irrigating, sewage, water systems, washing, drainage, and spraying jobs.

Pressure: 0 - 150 PSI Flowrate: .1 - 1.9 GPM
Pressure: 0 - 100 PSI Flowrate: .4 - 4.9 GPM
Pressure: 0 - 50 PSI Flowrate: .9 - 9.4 GPM
Pressure: 0 - 50 PSI Flowrate: 2.3 - 15.0 GPM
Pressure: 0 - 50 PSI Flowrate: 4.1 - 24.0 GPM
Pressure: 0 - 50 PSI Flowrate: 6.1 - 53.0 GPM
if it will push through pipe,
you can pump it with
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Animal Waste, Fat & Blood
Crude Oil
Food Waste
Gun Coatings
Pulp & Paper
Water & Waste Water
And Much More...
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